Una chica en mexico: Mexican Saying
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Mexican Saying

Dog that barks

The sayings are said extracted normally of the experience of the persons who say normally of slightly tangled form the things and in Mexico there are many thanks to our major persons who were spending them from generation to generation.
 One of my favorites was the one that a teacher was saying
 Son of my daughter my grandson son of my son who knows
 What means that the son of a daughter always you be be sure that he is your grandson but the son of your son you will never know if really it it is for that the woman can have cheated it with another man.
 Interesting and certain what truth?

Astride given one does not see fang:

 It is not necessary to to be demanding with the gifts

 To shrieks of pig, butcher's ears

 To exaggerations they do not plough theirs case

 Saying god and on the mallet meeting

 It is said to someone who is hypocritical

 For lack of bread, tortillas

 When it is not possible to eat anything expensive they conform to something cheap

 To stupid words, merchant's ears

 When a person is stupid she is not listened she is ignored

 Martin comes to every puerquito his san

 Every the one who will get his payment for the sacrifices

Water that do not do of drinking, leave her to run
 If you do not think to use anything better it allows that it should happen in order that he benefits other one

 Now it is when green chili, do him of giving flavor to the broth
 The men and Women are said to him spent from the 40 by his wisdom and that often are the young women's interest.

 To the evil I go on, him hurry up
 If you do not like anything do it fast in order that you finish soon

 To the thinnest dog him the fleas go away
 When someone already does not have money the friends leave of his side

 The Indian makes happy and you give him maracas
 You do something in order that the person happier this one, more annoyed more or sadder

 Love of distant view ... happy the three.
 Always there will be infidelity when the pairs are separated

Though it dresses of it sedates monkey remains
 A person does not import on what it puts always it will be she itself

 Well there knows the devil to whom him one appears
 One appears the alone devil to the bad persons

 You search to the donkey and are mounted in him
 You have the things opposite and do not see them

 Shrimp who falls asleep, it removes the current.
 Whom one distracts they gain the better thing him

 Oil-lamp of the street, darkness of his house
 When a person is very greedy in his house but squanders with his friendship or with other persons

Of the relatives and the Sun, between beyond better
 The relatives are in the habit of causing more problems that it helps

 An apple does not fall far from the tree
 The children look like his parents

 From the plate to the mouth ... the soup is fallen.
 Often the things do not go out since one it glides

 Say me with whom you walk and I will say to you who you are
 The persons with whom you surround yourself are the reflection of whom you are

 God does not give them wings to the scorpions
 There is never given him a wonderful gift to alone whom it ploughs hurt

Beginning to lose it is learned
 It is good to be wrong by that of this form it is learned

 The donkey speaking about ears
 When someone that this in the same situation and it criticizes other one

 The comal said to him to the pot
 When someone that this in the same situation and it criticizes other one

 The lion believes that they all are of the same condition
 The persons always will believe that the others are like good or bad they

 The lion is not since like they it do
 Not everything is as they explained it to you it is better than your it see with your own eyes

 The dead man to the well and the alive one to the pleasure
 Do not complain for the death about anybody your these alive you have to enjoy the life

The dead man and the brought closer one to three days stink
 He contributes or you will be a not wished person these when of guest in some place

 The worst pig always takes the best ear to itself
 The worst presents normally one takes the better thing

 The fish for his mouth dies
 The one that dies is for his decision

 The one that serves two owners, with one it can only badly
 If you load with more work of which you can you were ending badly somewhere

 The one that drinks gets drunk ... the one that gets drunk sleeps ... the one that sleeps does not sin ... the one that does not sin goes to the sky ... and since to the sky we go ... since we drink!!!
 Escusa to continue drinking

 The one that with wolves walks, to howling is taught
 These when with bad companies you learn bad skills

The one that is a good rooster, where it wants sings
 The person who is good always will be a good person in any place

 The one that gets up early ... he finds quite closed
 If you go forward you were never finding anything

 The one that it is born for tamal of the sky the leaves fall
 The one that it was born for the trade always will have work

 The one that it is born for handle does not happen from the corridor
 The one that is useless will never be able to do anything in the life

 The one that not tranza does not advance
 If you are not corrupt you will never be able to advance in the life

 The one that wants sky blue that he goes to bed
 If you want something it has to cost you

 The brave one lives until the coward wants
 If you do not speak the improper one he will be still bothering

Silence is golden
 Do not speak of any more

 In the sin you took the penance
 If you do something gently accepted the consequences

 In the night all the cats are dun
 In the darkness they all are equal

 It is a flour of costal other one
 It is another matter

 You are trompuda ¿ or do you want kiss?
 These annoyed or you want a kiss

 Guajolote that leaves of the corral, ends in mass
 Do not leave of the good customs or you were ending badly

 There is wood that do not seize the glaze
 Not all the persons were born for a trade

 Do the good without looking at whom
 Do not do the things for interest

The donkey was not churlish ... they did it
 The people normally are not of badly character the people that I ill-treat this person did it of this form

 The curiosity killed the cat
 Do not be curious or you ire badly

 The honey was not done for the snout of the jackass
 The thin things were not done for vulgar persons

 The truth does not sin but troubles
 The truth hurts

 The bad conversations corrompen the good customs
 It is not necessary to speak about rumors or about prohibited things

 The women like the flowers every year there is a new crop
 Always new women are born

 The stones rolling they are
 If you do not go out you were never finding your pair

What you do not have to can see, in your house you have to have
 Normally what you do not like this one in your house

 More soon a talker falls that a lame person
 Often a person who promises much ends up by being a tart

 More the devil knows for old man that for devil
 The person mas old knows for having lived so much

 More bad voucher acquaintance that good for knowing
 It is better not to risk for anything new that can go out badly

 More it costs step that lasts and does not trot that it tires
 He is a better constant being that to make the things rapid, getting tired and badly

 Better late than never
 It is better to do the things as soon as to leave them forever

 More it costs once colored that hundred discolored
 It is better a shame happens that not to live through anything

While more I know the people, more I want my dog
 The people who loves to the animals for which they love his owners without condition

 Much helps the one that it does not hinder
 Do not take from him the time the others when they are working only as that you do not have anything to do

 Died the dog, I end the anger
 It clarifies that if the reason of the evil resigns the evil is ended

 United women, only late
 The women always remove badly

 Woman who knows Latin has neither husband nor good end...
 Former saying that he was saying that the intelligent women were not good to marry

 Neither cock nor cheek, it does not even stop to bat
 It is not necessary to bother the others if your you do not do anything

Not so much that burns the saint not so much that does not light it
 It is never necessary to exaggerate adding of more or removing

 Do not confuse gymnastics with magnesia
 Learn in order that you do not confuse the things

 There is no badly that lasts either 100 years or body that resists it
 The bad thing never lasts and if it lasts better move away from this evil

 Do not do it of redeemer, or you will work out crucified
 Do not help the people who does not ask for it you or later they were getting angry with you

 Time must take its course
 Do not hurry

It does not bray because it does not give the tone
 The people who does not know not though it tries it can

 Do not complain for that the wind goes in against yours, better it learns to fly
 If something goes badly do not complain it learns to overcome it

 Not everything what shines is a gold
 Often what shines does not have value

 Never trust of a woman who speaks as man, of a man who speaks as child, neither of an Indian bearded man nor of a hairless Spaniard
 Do not trust in anybody

 In order that so much I dandle being such an equal soil
 Do not exaggerate if there are no problems

 In order that you get of clown if you do not bear the guffaws..
 Do not do things if you do not think to support the consequences or do not enter a work that does not please you

Dog that barks does not bite
 Someone who speaks much does not damage

 He thinks badly and you will succeed
 He does not need translation

 You can hide the hand that it steals ... but the hand that spends
 Always it was obvious when you have made slightly bad

 What fault it has san Pedro of whom san Paul is bald
 Do not blame to the others of your problems

 What more wants the frog ... that put it to the water
 Something that is obvious

 The one who is a periwig where it wants is green
 It does not matter where you are always it will go out your really you

There went out more expensive the broth than the meatballs
 When something that you suppose reduction sale works out expensive for you

 They joined the bread with you her win of eating
 When something happens already having many desires

 If of the sky lemons fall you, it learns to do lemonade
 It is not not that to translate it only understands itself

 If you do not buy not mallugues
 Do not ill-treat the goods if you are not going to buy

 If I say to you that the donkey is dun it is because I have the hair in the hand
 When someone has tests

 Always it is I rotate for a gossip
 Always there is pair for all only there is that you search

Only the one who loads the costal one knows what goes in
 Every the one who knows his problems

 So many fault has the one that kills to the cow, as that it pulls the leg
 If you help someone also you have the fault

 Everything fits in a jarrito being able to accommodate it
 Tidy persons it is not important what they have always it will be in his place though one sees great

 It sees donkey and him trip takes a fancy
 Improper persons who see something and ask to give them

 Old man the sea and still it does waves
 It is said of the mature men or women who even are happy or are good at the intimacy

Old men hills and still they turn green again
 It is said of the mature men or women who even are happy or are good at the intimacy

 Already they know the devil, pa that go to cocorearlo
 If already you know someone abstain to the consequences

 Already I ate, already I drank, already I am not situated here
 Persons who alone manage to enjoy to a luar or situation

 I do not ask to give me, if not that put me where it is
 A person who requests that they give him of what exists

 Already I do not want cheese, but to go out of the mousetrap
 Someone that this caught in a luxurious place

 Cobbler to your shoes
 They say it to him to whom it is meddlesome

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